Visit Scotland Wild Camping Project with Hey Nadine

Client: Visit Scotland 

Date: 24th – 27th May 2018

Location: Loch Dochard, Scotland

Job Description:

Over the last couple years, Visit Scotland have been running a campaign called ‘Scotland: Life’. The idea is to bring popular Youtubers/Instagrammers over to Scotland to experience different areas of the country. These influencers may have a large online audience in a different country that do not know much about Scotland. The goal is that the content created by these influencers during their time in Scotland, will encourage others to visit Scotland.  

In May, Visit Scotland invited popular travel vlogger Hey Nadine and Matt over to Scotland on a wild camping themed trip. As part of this project, I was asked to come up with a wild camping trip that would make for an interesting video for Nadine’s YouTube channel. My plan was to take Nadine and Matt somewhere quite remote. Personally, I feel it is easier to make a video in a remote area where there is less distractions. I decided upon Loch Dochard as our camping location for 3 main reasons.

A.    I’ve been plenty times before, hopefully minimising the chance of unwanted surprises.

B.    You can access the Loch solely using public transport which I like to encourage.

C.     There is a natural waterslide located near the loch

On the 24th May, I arrived in Glasgow and met up with Nadine, Matt and the Visit Scotland team. We did a quick run through of the plan before rushing off for the train to Bridge of Orchy. The hike starts off on the west highland way before cutting off into Clashgour Estate which is pretty much the middle of nowhere. In spite of the rivers crossings, uphill and ticks, Nadine and Matt bossed the 4-hour hike to the Loch. After pitching the tents, we ate dinner, enjoying whole loch to ourselves.

loch doch 1.jpg

Day 2, my plan was to take Nadine and Matt to the natural waterslide. What I kind of forgot was that between the waterslide and loch, lies about 2km of marshland: no path, lots of mud and plenty of ticks. However, we did eventually make it through the bog and arrived at the slide. Matt caught some nice footage with the drone of the waterslide from a bird’s eye view. After our mission to the slide, we spent the rest of the day chilling out in the sun. One thing we did have to our advantage on this trip was the weather. One of the locals told us later that it was one of the hottest periods he had ever experienced in the area. To be honest, it was a bit of a relief because filming a video of wild camping in the rain for 3 days would have been a very different story.

loch doch 2.jpg

On our final morning of the trip, we filmed a separate video for Nadine’s channel, talking through the kit needed for a wild camping trip. The video can be found on YouTube here:

All in all, I think the trip was a success. It was also interesting learning how Nadine and Matt film and plan their videos. Big thanks to Visit Scotland for the opportunity.

Nadine’s Video of the trip:

 My video of the trip: