I'm Dan, I take photos and make videos, mainly in Scotland where I am based. 

I really like wild camping and I started taking pictures during my wild camping trips a few years ago. In November 2016, with the push from a couple of mates, I decided to start making videos about these wild camping trips. Talking directly to a camera does feel a bit odd at first but eventually, you kinda get used to it. 

I continued to film around the Scottish Highlands, uploading the videos to Youtube and Facebook.

A couple months ago I got an email from the Adventure Show asking if I'd be interested in doing a wee interview about the vids and how I got started. This is the final clip which aired on BBC 2 Scotland in November 2017, during episode 5 of the Adventure Show 2017/2018

On this site you'll find more about my photos and videos. Feel free to have a wander about and send me a message/email if you have any questions.


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